Zachary Brunnert

(Vice President of Government Affairs)

Zachary Brunnert began his career at Flotron & McIntosh in 2008 as an intern while attending Lincoln University where he graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science.

Impressed with his quick grasp of the issues at hand and his work ethic, the firm was pleased to offer Zachary a full time position. Since coming on staff in June of 2009, he has built a working knowledge of the appropriations process and is one if the most successful Missouri lobbyists. Zachary has been a key staffer in successfully representing several clients of the firm.

Zachary has been instrumental in negotiating changes in the state’s tax credit programs that would have had impacts on clients.  In addition, in the face of great opposition he successfully guided legislation to passage on behalf of the Missouri Vintner’s Association that will allow them to broaden their footprint in the marketplace.  Brunnert also worked day after day and successfully protected clients throughout the lengthy appropriations process in a difficult budget climate.  Zach also keeps a close eye on House and Senate debate to insure awareness of possible amendments that could have an effect on the firm’s clients so that the appropriate response can be given.

Another noticeable asset of Zachary is his personable approach and ability to quickly establish friendly relationships with both lawmakers and legislative staff.

Zachary plays another important role for all the firm’s clients by monitoring legislation, keeping a close eye on legislative committee and House and Senate floor action as well as state procurement work, assisting in association management and helping navigate clients’ legislation through the bill making process.