Today’s world presents unique challenges for corporations, unions, nonprofits, and individuals- the issues of the day create complex and sensitive landmines that require strategy and action. Diversity and Inclusion are now at the cornerstone of all relevant organizations and institutions. It is now the social responsibility of groups to understand the ever-changing climate and needs of the community that it serves. Our goal is to help our clients use all tools in the tool box to meet this moment! Diversity and Inclusion are now business imperatives for Corporate America, our firm is qualified and well suited to assist clients with this ever-changing landscape.

Flotron and McIntosh, has been engaged in helping clients achieve their goals for nearly 25 years. A multi-faceted government affairs firm grounded in its values and integrity but guided by our unique perspectives and incredibly diverse experiences. Our firms’ connections and relationships take clients influence and impact from main-street, to rural Missouri, to the seats of government. Our firm’s experience has allowed us to grasp a deep understanding of the power of the intersectionality of politics, policy, relationship building.

Companies and organizations seeking diversity management and CSR (corporate Social Responsibility) forecasting services engage Flotron and McIntosh because of the firms long standing and deep relationships with ethnic and social advocacy organizations around the Country. Our firm can provide our clients with access to thought leaders, decision makers, opinion leaders and national figures.

Our firm is in a position to offer clients wrap around services in the following ways

  • Assist clients to develop partnerships in communities of color
  • connect with local leaders and manage relationships with civil rights groups 
  • Assist corporations and foundations with corporate social responsibility planning 
  • civil rights community engagement 
  • community outreach 
  • community empowerment projects