93% of all American adults get their news from online sources. Google gets over 100 BILLION searches a month and Facebook has over 1 BILLION monthly users. 

Today, you can’t find a single policymaker that doesn’t have at least one social media channel with which to communicate to their colleagues, and more importantly, constituents.  Do you have a digital marketing and communications strategy for your business or organization? If you don’t, you may be falling behind. 

The world of digital marketing and communications encompasses many channels including email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, marketing automation and more. With so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming to navigate the online space and create a clear vision and strategy.  Why be a master of none? Let us help clear a path for you. 

At Flotron McIntosh, we understand the need for integrated digital marketing and communications campaigns when it comes to the success of our clients. We are more than just a team of Missouri Lobbyists. We’ve assembled an experienced team, ready to take over your marketing presence and catapult you to success with our marketing efforts.  We will be your digital support liaison when it comes to cross company stakeholders, holding your hand throughout the journey. 

Digital Marketing Services:

  • Identify and develop key stakeholders 
  • Test and research online messaging to target audiences, advise on best practices to ensure appropriate message delivery
  • Clean up, manage and create a content road map for social media.
  • Improve online positioning through search engine optimization.
  • Evaluate current digital channels and create recommendations on how to optimize for success (earned, owned, and paid media)
  • Implement marketing campaigns that result in Facebook engagement, Twitter retweets and YouTube views.
  • Develop social media advertising strategies including but not limited to the use of Facebook and Instagram ad placement to increase brand visibility
  • Utilize advertising partnerships to create paid media campaigns

And More…

  • Influencer marketing campaign strategy development 
  • Created online marketing crowdsourcing processes 
  • Study online analytics to create segmented audiences and expand online reach
  • Perform website audits, advise on placement of copy, webpage features, use of digital software for site optimization
  • Evaluate emerging trends and technologies in the political industry, provide thought leadership and adoption where appropriate