Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Division of Flotron McIntosh stands out in terms of its depth of knowledge around environmental science and environmental policy. We help clients communicate with regulators efficiently, with the right language, and assist regulators administer process requests quickly and appropriately.

Daniel R. Schuette


Environment and Energy Specialist

Daniel uses his experience to develop bi-partisan, win-win government solutions.

Dan Schuette has 30 years of Missouri state government experience, all with the state‘s Department of Natural Resources.  Dan’s experience runs the complete range of DNR responsibility including field surveys, water sampling, contract inspections, grant and permit writer, supervisor and eventually the Director of the department’s Division of Environmental Quality.  Dan has shown his abilities to work in a bipartisan manner, seeking solutions that both protect the state’s natural resources and keep Missouri’s economy and business viable.

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The BiO2 Solution will provide a patented, engineered process that is a nature based and environmentally compatible replacement for mechanical aeration components utilized on aerated lagoons. This technology will provide an affordable and performance driven alternative solution to the high capital, operating and maintenance costs associated with mechanical systems.

The BiO2 Solution™ is one of the most revolutionary developments in wastewater treatment.  The engineered process is a natural replacement to the mechanical components of aerobic lagoons, namely mechanical aerators.

The BiO2 Solution™ begins with a patented assemblage of multi-species microalgae that is metered into the appropriate cells of a wastewater lagoon.  These microalgae provide abundant pure oxygen that will initiate, perpetuate, and maintain a healthy level of rapid aerobic digestion. The microalgae are evenly dispersed on a continuous basis through distribution lines connected to strategically-spaced fine-bubble diffusers.  The diffusers create a highly-effective, gentle rolling action, resulting in proper laminar mixingthroughout the lagoon.  This patented delivery apparatus maintains a healthy, controlled environment for the biological demands of a lagoon system.

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Enginuity Worldwide

More than 341 coal-fired plants are facing retirement because they can’t meet new environmental regulations.

Enginuity has the technology to make the fuel to augment and enhance coal-¬fired power generation to meet the increasing regulations and standards.

Suitable, cost-effective feedstock for coal-¬fired power plants without modification will enable plants to meet regulations and stay open.

There is an alternative to the heavy costs of plant upgrades. Find out a better way to meet regulations, provide energy and save jobs.

There is a way for everyone to win and it’s here now.

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Flotron McIntosh holds Member’s Interests in Enginuity, and does not represent Enginuity as a lobbyist. Flotron McIntosh is working to further use of diverse renewable resources to allow for home-grown energy in Missouri and around the world.