How Is This Year's Session Shaping Up?

On January 3rd, 2018, Jefferson City, Missouri will once again be buzzing with policy makers, lobbyists, and interested parties jockeying to have their issues at the top of state government's priority list.

Republicans - having veto proof majorities in both chambers and last year having the Governor’s office - have allowed the legislature to pass several of the party’s top agenda items. Right to work passed the general assembly in Missouri's last session, however, the unions have gathered enough signatures to postpone implementation of the law until it is put to public vote on Nov. 6th. During the upcoming session it is likely that the legislature will attempt to move the date of the vote to something other than the general election date. 

Another large issue next year will be tax reform.  While there has been a lot of talk recently on the federal level regarding tax reform, the passing of any federal law will have a huge impact on the State. Sen. Bill Eigel has come out publicly stating he will be working on tax overhaul for the Missouri. The details of any plan have not yet been released and as with most legislation everything changes once session gets underway. Transportation funding has been a pressing issue for the last few years and has failed to gain any traction. The State’s infrastructure has been in need of repair and we are finally getting to a point where it can no longer be ignored. Several attempts have been made to raise the gas tax in various ways, however, they seem to fall flat after going to a vote of the people.