Budget Budget Budget…

 The State of Missouri’s budget situation will continue to dominate discussions during the upcoming legislative session. While current revenue figures are mostly on target, there are several different factors that will be influencing this year’s appropriations process. First there is expected $90-95 million supplemental request for physician and hospital lines in Medicaid and possibly an additional $20-$30 million supplemental request for in-home services. Additionally, tax cuts are also affecting the budget in the current fiscal year.  The first phase of tax cuts passed several years ago is expected to reduce revenues by $80 million in the last six months of the FY2018 and an additional $140 million for the FY2019 budget, which is beginning to be pieced together.

Looking at large new expenditures that are on the horizon for FY2019, there is an almost $100 million request from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for an increase in the foundation formula, a $25 million new decision item to fund the Missouri State Employees Retirement System and an additional $91 million for cost to continue the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan.

All of these factors mean that there will be another extremely tight budget cycle here in Missouri. It is expected there will be another round of withholdings for the current fiscal year, which may be tampered by some lapse dollars in other parts in the budget, but we will know more in the coming weeks as the consensus revenue estimate is solidified, which is the foundation of budget building.  

 Important Session Dates…


Jan 3rd – Session Reconvenes

Jan 10th - State of the State

Jan 15th – Martin Luther King Day

March 19th -  March 23rd – Legislative Spring Break

April 2nd – Easter Monday