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On Tuesday December 6th, the MO HealthNet Oversight Committee met for their final meeting of 2016, and final meeting for both the Department of Social Services Director Brian Kinkade and the MO HealthNet Director Joe Parks as both will be moving on from state government at the end of the month.

On August 25th, the House Budget Committee met to discuss changes in the state’s medicaid enrollment and questions regarding the new enrollment system vendor. Department Director Brian Kinkaid, Commissioner Doug Nelson and Julie Gibson of the Family Support Divison took the stand to answer questions from the committee and to present their findings. 

....and why is it so important that I understand it? If you work in the health industry in Missouri, this committee might effects your organization. A CON committee decides whether there is a need for a healthcare facility or certain pieces of healthcare equipment in a geographic area, based on certain populations. 

The Certificate of Need Committee (CON) is also referred to as the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee.

The state of Missouri defines Certificate of Need as:

“Certificate of Need (CON) is an effort to contain costs, improve quality and increase access for many of Missouri's major health care services. This effort was established in Missouri in 1980, motivated by federal Public Law 93-641 as part of the Health Planning and Resource Development Act of 1974.