Services include preparing, reviewing, and revising rules and regulations for use in the analysis of health service applications; conducting special projects and studies on key health issues; and assisting with other special projects as deemed necessary.

Guidance and decision-making is provided by the volunteer Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee in carrying out its functions as the administrator of the Missouri CON Law.”

To achieve the highest level of health for Missourians through cost containment, reasonable access, and public accountability.


           Review proposed health care services;
           Contain health costs;
           Promote economic value;
           Evaluate competing interests;
           Prevent unnecessary duplications; and
           Disseminate health-related information to affected parties. 

Essentially the CON committee determines if Hospitals and Long-Term Care facilities are allowed to construct new or renovate existing facilities based on formulas of the need for such facilities in a particular geographic area.  The Committee is governed by the following federal laws, state statutes and rules…