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Missouri Information Technology Advisory Board Holds Quarterly Meeting

The committee is chaired by the Missouri CIO Rich Kliethermes and its members are made up from the heads of IT from the various state agencies, staff from all of the statewide elected officials, as well as Missouri’s Chief Information Security Officer and State Data Center Director. 

Technology and Law Enforcement: What It Really Means

Several years of debate over the proper uses of technology in law enforcement activities brings to light a multitude of issues for legislators to tackle. From body-cameras to license plate readers; REAL ID compliance and Prescription drug monitoring programs, all these issues conjure frightful thoughts of big brother watching and sacrifice of freedoms. However, technology in law enforcement can be used responsibly and effectively.

Last week, the conference committee on the various appropriations bills finalized the conference reports for the fiscal year 2017 operating budget, as well as the fiscal year 2016 supplemental appropriation bill. 

Today, the Governor's Conference on CyberSecurity was held in Jefferson City. Governor Jay Nixon, Commissioner Doug Nelson, CIO Rich Kliethermes, and CISO Mike Roling kicked off the event. Click here to watch a video of Commissioner Nelson's and Governor Nixon's opening remarks from this morning.