Bill Stouffer


Legislative Branch Relations, Agricultural Issues Specialist, Transportation Specialist, Government Regulations specialist

Bill brings a wealth of management experience to the team, as well as political expertise on a number of critical current issues.

A former state senator, small business owner, and lifelong farmer, Bill Stouffer brings a wealth of management experience and political expertise to the Flotron & McIntosh team.  For sixteen years, Stouffer was a member of the MFA, a Midwest-based regional farm supply and marketing cooperative, and is credited with helping save the MFA from bankruptcy while updating critical systems.  As a legislator, Stouffer was a leader in transportation and agriculture issues, and helped craft bills relating to health care, second amendment rights, and senior and veteran’s issues.  Throughout his career, his balanced approach has helped organizations move past partisan politics and achieve tangible results on the ground—and we are happy to have such a wealth and talent as part of the Flotron & McIntosh team.