What is a Strategic Government Consultant?

In short, a strategic government consultant can help you and your organization or business effect favorable legislation, win contracts with the state, and navigate the pitfalls of state government.

At Flotron & McIntosh (FM), we offer the best in strategic government consulting. We take the time to learn about our clients and their needs, blend this with our understanding of the political environment, and then propose a wide range of potential solutions for consideration. At FM, we don’t just “put out fires”, we empower clients to actively manage their political interests, rather than be managed by changing political winds.

News & Noteworthy

Governor's Legislative Actions

July 14th was the final day for Governor Jay Nixon to take action on legislation that was passed by the General Assembly during session. The Governor had to either veto, sign or let become law without his signature. 

This year, Governor Nixon vetoed 33 bills. This is the most bills he has vetoed since coming into office in 2009. These are on top of the 120 line-item vetoes that Governor Nixon removed from the FY 2015 budget that took effect July 1. 

Click here for the list of the final legislative actions from Governor Nixon. 

Missouri's 2014 Legislative Session Comes to a Close

Last week the Missouri completed their work for the 2014 regular legislative session. Pictured below, is the annual paper toss as the House of Representatives gavels out of session. 

This year the legislature sent the Governor over 190 different pieces of legislation. There were 1,845 bills filed since bill filing began on December 1st. 

Click here to see all bills that were Truly Agreed and Finally Passed.

The Missouri Times Profiles Flotron & McIntosh's David McCracken

Click here to check out the lobbyist profile on our associate David McCracken. 

Prefiling for 2014 Legislative Session Begins

Prefiling for the coming legislative session has begun. Here are links to both the House of Representatives and Senate bill lists. The 2014 legislative session begins on January 8th. 

Senate Prefiled Bills

House Prefiled Bills 

Flotron & McIntosh Makes the Top 100 List from The Missouri Times

The Missouri Times collected a list of more than 100 people in the world of politics and political media that you need to know if you don’t already. The list doesn’t include legislators, but rather their staff and the governmental relations personnel and consultants that affect the outcomes of the legislator’s actions. Follow them on Twitter, familiarize yourself with their work and keep an eye out, because these people are not going anywhere. This list appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of The Missouri Times. 

Richard McIntosh 

Principal, Flotron & McIntosh

Website: govconsultants.com

There may be no one who knows and understands the budget process better than McIntosh. He is also close to many key figures inside the Nixon administration. His firm has taken on several clients with DNR issues and effectively served them. His client list is too long to place into categories, but needless to say, he has to monitor nearly every bill introduced in the legislature because it is likely to impact one of his long list of clients in some way.

Zach Brunnert 

Governmental Consultant, Flotron & McIntosh

Twitter: @brunnert

Brunnert’s career is running at lightning speed after joining one of Jefferson City’s leading lobby firms while still in college. When you get to know Brunnert, you will feel his passion for the public policy process and he shows it by being seemingly everywhere in the Capitol.

Franc Flotron 

Principal, Flotron & McIntosh

Twitter: @fflotron

The former state senator has been one of the most successful term-limited legislators to enter the lobbying community. While his firm has become experts in DNR issues, Flotron has a wide array of clients and is one of the harder working lobbyists in the Capitol — always keeping legislators on their toes. The white earbuds he sports around the Capitol don’t hurt his standing with us, either.


David McCracken 

Lobbyist, Flotron & McIntosh

Twitter: @DMcCracken77

McCracken is another up-and-coming lobbyist from St. Louis. He played a role in lobbying for local control of the St. Louis Police Department. He has one of the more varied portfolios in the business that includes healthcare, technology and association clients. McCracken is also talented with technology and networking systems.

Check out the full article here