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Missouri recently became the last state to implement a prescription drug monitoring program or PDMP as it is more commonly referred. A PDMP is a state run electronic database to track the prescribing and dispensing of certain classes of prescription drugs in order to curb or eliminate abuse. PDMP’s are typically implemented to address the growing opioid abuse crisis in the country, however many legislators, particularly here in Missouri, have serious concerns regarding patient privacy. These concerns are in large part the reason for the stalemate in years past of getting a bill to the Governer’s desk that establishes this type of program.

Missouri is making changes to safeguard the privacy and safety of our state’s citizens. Governor Jay Nixon has signed into law, legislation that will limit access to footage from police body cameras.

Over the last two years, stemming from the killing of Michael Brown, sales for body cameras have soared across the nation. Due to constant media coverage depicting altercations between the public and law enforcement, the demand for accountability is more present now than ever before.

Associate David McCracken is quoted on behalf of the Missouri Police Chief's Association.