Areas of Expertise

What government does can affect millions of people, even if they don’t know it. It is in everyone’s interest to have policymakers who are well-informed and administrations that are effective. Flotron McIntosh brings a wealth of institutional knowledge to all branches of government, helping guarantee that our clients have a team of Missouri Lobbyists with a consistent and ever-present voice in government.

Contracting and Procurement

Government sales are big business. At Flotron McIntosh, we help our clients stay in front of government officials so that their goods and services get a fair evaluation. To date, we’ve helped our clients win over $1 billion in contracts with the state of Missouri alone, and have grown the annual sales for numerous technology firms by double digits.

Entrepreneurship and Strategic Alliances

Our firm is more than just lobbyists, our partners share, and value, an entrepreneurial spirit. We enjoy helping new ventures get off the ground and get the support they need at the local, state, and national level. Flotron McIntosh encourages this spirit of entrepreneurship by finding new ways to help new businesses thrive.

Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Division of Flotron McIntosh stands out in terms of its depth of knowledge around environmental science and environmental policy. We help clients communicate with regulators efficiently, with the right language, and assist regulators administer process requests quickly and appropriately.

Make An Impact with Tried and True Marketing Solutions

93% of all American adults get their news from online sources. Google gets over 100 BILLION searches a month and Facebook has over 1 BILLION monthly users. 

Today, you can’t find a single policymaker that doesn’t have at least one social media channel with which to communicate to their colleagues, and more importantly, constituents.  Do you have a digital marketing and communications strategy for your business or organization? If you don’t, you may be falling behind. 

Today’s world presents unique challenges for corporations, unions, nonprofits, and individuals- the issues of the day create complex and sensitive landmines that require strategy and action. Diversity and Inclusion are now at the cornerstone of all relevant organizations and institutions. It is now the social responsibility of groups to understand the ever-changing climate and needs of the community that it serves. Our goal is to help our clients use all tools in the tool box to meet this moment! Diversity and Inclusion are now business imperatives for Corporate America, our firm is qualified and well suited to assist clients with this ever-changing landscape.