Missouri Information Technology Advisory Board Holds Quarterly Meeting

The committee is chaired by the Missouri CIO Rich Kliethermes and its members are made up from the heads of IT from the various state agencies, staff from all of the statewide elected officials, as well as Missouri’s Chief Information Security Officer and State Data Center Director. 

After a quick round of verbal introductions from members of the board and the public, the CIO began an overview and update on some of the bigger issues taking place. Rich said that at the previous board meeting he had hoped all three of the large technology request for proposals (Cisco Networking, PC Prime Vendor and Mobile Application Consulting and Development) would have been awarded, but currently only Cisco Networking has been. He added that of the final two remaining to be award, one still had work to do in evaluation and the other evaluation is complete and ready for award. 

It was brought up that the current IT Consulting Contract has been extended for an additional 90 days and PAQs will continued to be issued under that as the evaluation of the Statewide Project Information Technology Consulting Services RFP is finalized. There were 26 respondents to the RFP that was due in June. 

The CIO said the rollout of Windows 10 is going smoothly and ahead of the curve on where they were when Windows XP was implemented. 

The new director of the data center was introduced Chris Angerer He updated the board on the new Help Desk solution Missouri is implementing with the vendor Cherwell. Historically, Missouri has had a homegrown solution that they have now outgrown. 

Rich closed out the meetings saying that they are looking at new ways to finance some large-scale modernization and enhancement projects. While we have been successful with increases for ITSD, this way of financing could allow for the state to move off expensive and inefficient legacy systems. This will require action by the General Assembly and possibly a vote of the people of Missouri. 

The board will have an information exchange on November 29th and then the next full board meeting will be January 31.