Entrepreneurship and Strategic Alliances

OUr firm is more than just lobbyists, our partners share, and value, an entrepreneurial spirit. We enjoy helping new ventures get off the ground and get the support they need at the local, state, and national level. Flotron McIntosh encourages this spirit of entrepreneurship by finding new ways to help new businesses thrive.

These activities are not limited to new ventures, however. Established businesses can often benefit from new relationships, new processes, and new market opportunities. We have a talent for finding innovative solutions to businesses and regulatory issues, no matter the history or the size of an organization.

Our support to organized, established and new, can go well beyond influencing legislation and procurement. We are always finding ways to bring value to our clients. This makes us more than just consultants; we can be active partners in growing, developing and marketing your business. We link our success to your success. 

Our Strategic Partners


The BiO2 Solution will provide a patented, engineered process that is a nature based and environmentally compatible replacement for mechanical aeration components utilized on aerated lagoons. This technology will provide an affordable and performance driven alternative solution to the high capital, operating and maintenance costs associated with mechanical systems.

The BiO2 Solution™ is one of the most revolutionary developments in wastewater treatment.  The engineered process is a natural replacement to the mechanical components of aerobic lagoons, namely mechanical aerators.

The BiO2 Solution™ begins with a patented assemblage of multi-species microalgae that is metered into the appropriate cells of a wastewater lagoon.  These microalgae provide abundant pure oxygen that will initiate, perpetuate, and maintain a healthy level of rapid aerobic digestion. The microalgae are evenly dispersed on a continuous basis through distribution lines connected to strategically-spaced fine-bubble diffusers.  The diffusers create a highly-effective, gentle rolling action, resulting in proper laminar mixingthroughout the lagoon.  This patented delivery apparatus maintains a healthy, controlled environment for the biological demands of a lagoon system.

Learn More at http://bio2solution.com



SlideBatch is a new innovative tool that will change the way you share media items. It was designed in order to make your web content more visual, while delivering powerful messages. Now you can share video, images and document in one batch, rather than in separate posts, through all the popular social media channels using a simple step-by-step process.

SlideBatch is user friendly. Any forms of media can be effortlessly imported or uploaded into your batch from your desktop or all popular cloud and social media devices. SlideBatch also includes a web content search tool allowing you to import content from the web. This device will allow you to add content to your batch while searching the web. Once your batch has been published, it will automatically refresh in order to keep your content current with updates and additional information.

In addition, you are provided the option to easily develop and design a multimedia template. Multimedia devices are built into the SlideBatch program in order to allow your media to play from any and all devices.

Once you have designed your template and included your content, you can choose to release your batch as private, public or invite only. SlideBatch is compatible with all popular cloud devices, media players, web search engines, and social media channels.

Control what people can see, how they see it and how your message is delivered.

Batch it. Share it. Show it.


More than 341 coal-fired plants are facing retirement because they can’t meet new environmental regulations.

Enginuity has the technology to make the fuel to augment and enhance coal-¬fired power generation to meet the increasing regulations and standards.

Suitable, cost-effective feedstock for coal-¬fired power plants without modification will enable plants to meet regulations and stay open.

There is an alternative to the heavy costs of plant upgrades. Find out a better way to meet regulations, provide energy and save jobs.

There is a way for everyone to win and it’s here now.

Learn More at http://www.enginuityww.com

Also check out our Missouri Plant Science Center press release: http://www.enginuityww.com/features/missouri-plant-science-center

Flotron McIntosh holds Member’s Interests in Enginuity, and does not represent Enginuity as a lobbyist. Flotron McIntosh is working to further use of diverse renewable resources to allow for home-grown energy in Missouri and around the world.



The new Book Retriever is a web-based application for managing classroom libraries. It will run on any device from a desktop computer (Mac, Chromebook, or Windows) to tablets and smartphones. Since it is cloud based there is nothing to install and no need to back anything up. 

Clever enabled districts can now integrate seamlessly with Book Retriever. Teacher logins are simplified, and class rosters are automatically imported. 

Book Retriever is designed to be easy to set up and use. The responsive interface means it works great on any computer or device with a connection to the internet. 

Book Retriever’s database includes over 18 million books, with over 600,000 leveled books. This makes it easy for teachers to find the right book in their library. 

Also available is the Book Retriever Scanning App, which includes a Student Mode that allows a teacher to give their students the ability to check books in and out. The Scanning App works on iOS, Android and Kindle devices.