What government does can affect millions of people, even if they don’t know it. It is in everyone’s interest to have policymakers who are well-informed and administrations that are effective. Flotron McIntosh brings a wealth of institutional knowledge to all branches of government, helping guarantee that our clients have a consistent and ever-present voice in government.

We also have extensive experience working face-to-face with people at the local, state, and national levels, and as Missouri lobbyists, we know how to engage policymakers whose support is crucial for your success. Let us be your presence in the Capitol and in the Legislative arena.

Missouri Legislative Branch lobbying

At Flotron McIntosh we strive to join our client’s interests with good public policy initiatives so that policymakers can better serve their constituencies. This can be done through any number of methods, such as:

  • Considering our clients’ interest in legislative recommendations
  • Incorporating our clients’ interest into budget proposals
  • Monitoring legislation that affects our clients
  • Developing briefing documents for legislators on key issues relating to clients’ position
  • Proposing modifications to make legislation or regulations more favorable to our clients
  • Testifying and/or serve as clients’ spokesman to the legislature
  • Counteracting misguided “grassroots” efforts

Missouri Executive Branch lobbying

While the state legislature creates bills and passes laws, it is up to the executive branch, and a number of agencies, to put those laws into practice. Lobbying involves not just fashioning legislation, but also influencing the administrative rules and policies by which the executive branch works.

We align our clients’ interests with administrative actions to adopt favorable positions on administrative rules. This can be done through any number of methods, such as:

  • Encouraging lawmakers to sign bills into law that benefit our clients
  • Incorporating our clients’ interest into budget proposals
  • Considering our clients’ interest in legislative recommendations
  • Suggesting the adoption of favorable administrative rules; and
  • Treating our clients favorably with regard to administrative actions


The appropriations process spans both the executive and legislative branches. At Flotron McIntosh, we can guide your organization through the entire process, helping you receive favorable consideration. We can do this through a number of methods, including:

  • Identifying contract opportunities 
  • Negotiating beneficial contracts
  • Supporting agency agendas and funding 
  • Appropriating new items
  • Protecting appropriations

Missouri Attorney General Outreach

Flotron McIntosh helps our clients develop strategies to be proactive and not reactive to issues dealt with by the Attorney’s General office.  We can offer our depth of knowledge, insight and years of experience in dealing with challenges before they become overly cumbersome.  Educating the AG’s office and their staff about a clients’ intent and practices can often defuse potential conflicts and come to reasonable solutions prior to becoming costly to your organization both in dollars and resources.  

Regulatory Agencies and Rules

In most governments, the legislative branch grants implementing agencies some latitude to interpret portions of statutes as they see fit. At Flotron McIntosh, we can help agencies interpret statutes in ways that best serve our clients and the population at large. We do this through a number of methods, including:

  • Ensuring appropriate interpretations of statutes benefitting our clients
  • Preventing agencies from over-reaching or under-enforcing rules 
  • Defending our clients’ contracts from inappropriate regulatory demands
  • Supporting state agencies when defending contracts and contractors before legislative appropriations committees
  • Proposing favorable legislative action for state agencies and our clients

Association Management

Flotron McIntosh provides organizational management services to several association clients. We have the office staff and resources to aid you with additional: 

  • organizational management
  • administrative support
  • financial management and associated functions.

All of these tasks require an ability to meet schedule deadlines and control of costs while maintaining the quality of work.

Though we help companies and organizations of all kinds in all fields, we have particular specialty in:


Healthcare policy is a core strength of Flotron McIntosh. Representing not-for-profit long term care facilities, managed care and others, we have been able to stop the restriction of the Certificate of Need process for nursing homes, the statewide expansion of managed care, and were able to work to pass and have the Missouri Governor sign medical malpractice reform. We both represent the largest association of non-profit long term care facilities in the state. See more of our healthcare projects.

Information Technology (IT)

Flotron McIntosh has successfully helped to deploy many large IT initiatives in state and local governments. We can help you navigate working through the contracting and procurement process, and even work with you to implement IT strategies within government at all levels. See more of our IT projects

Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Division of Flotron McIntosh stands out in terms of its depth of knowledge around environmental science and environmental policy. We help clients communicate with regulators efficiently, with the right language, and assist regulators administer process requests quickly and appropriately. See more of our energy and environment projects


Making headway in education policy is challenging. Interest groups in public education tend to be well embedded and resistant to outside change; the language of school policy is difficult; and the administration of that policy can be inconsistent and varied. Flotron McIntosh has the experience and the work ethic to be successful in this difficult public policy arena. Our team has been responsible for Missouri’s first charter school law, as well as legislation for school choice, virtual schools, alternative teacher certification, and outside education providers.

Law Enforcement

Flotron McIntosh has represented various law enforcement groups for over a decade, as well as organizations that provide support to law enforcement. We understand that technology in law enforcement is outpacing the government’s ability to regulate it; we can help prevent the reactionary attitude that causes government overreach and restricts the use of crucial law enforcement tools. We have negotiated lawful and appropriate use of technology in law enforcement and implemented state programs that add tools to the law enforcement toolbox.